It is always favourable to make an appointment with us for the following reasons:

Bow-Rehairs – This helps Philip when planning which days in the week he can keep aside to re-hair bows.  Sometimes Philip can re-hair your bow while you wait, in which case an appointment is essential.

To View An Instrument or Bow with a view to buying – this gives us time to tune a selection of instruments within your price range.  It also means that we can make sure that we have space available for you to play the instrument and would only book one customer at a time.

Valuing an Instrument – Philip carries out our valuations so we would need to book you in on a day that he is here!  This saves you a wasted journey.


  • Elisa Evans January 1, 2019

    Good afternoon,

    I will be passing through on Sat 5 Jan and was wondering if I could try some advanced viola bows suitable for diploma level and beyond. Would it be possible to try a selection if I come in around 4pm? My upper spending limit is around £2.5k for the right bow. However I would like to conduct a blind trial of suitable bows.

    Thanks in anticipation

    Kind regards


    • Mandy October 17, 2019

      Dear Elisa,
      Is this still a current enquirey?

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