The PBV team of Dana, Kathrin, Mandy and Philip hope that you are all well and making good use of your time. We have come up with a self Isolation scheme that keeps the business running smoothly. We are sending out instruments and bows via our local Courier Martin Witt who we have worked with for many years and is trusted to take great care whilst keeping himself and our clients safe.. The shop is closed  for visitors but we are still getting instruments out for trials and Allianz Insurance ( have been brilliant- offering to pay for repaired instruments to be delivered back to the customers. So we are coping!  Philip is continuing his bow work and Mandy is managing the business  from her home. So if you fancy trying out a new instrument maybe now IS that moment! I also thought it might be good to share a few ideas of how to make good use of the time.

Believe it or not Maestro’s are teaching towards 5000 pupils in their homes every week!  By using ZOOM they are now one of the best placed providers to take on new players. So why not give a new instrument  a try or  learn to sing  even…. See more here:
one parent commented thus:

Although I was dubious about the idea of online lessons at first, my son was really positive about his first online lesson with you and felt he gained a lot from it. It is obviously not quite the same as seeing you face to face, but it was an excellent substitute.” (Parent A)

Philip Brown Violins are able to get an instrument to you safely either to rent or to buy.

Music at St.Mary’s Perivale

Finally I am sure you all know there are some amazing things out there happening in the music world as a result of this lock down, one that may have escaped your notice is the Perivale streamed teatime recitals starting on Monday next.

Another is…

Tuesday Slipper Concerts on YouTube with John Kane


Finally if you have anything you would like to share online then please let me know and I will link it to my Facebook page…
Stay well,
Philip, Kathrin and Mandy.

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