Violins £1500-£5,000

Violins for the progressing student at grade 3 to grade 8. 
Older instruments are restored in our workshop, and all of these are meticulously prepared for sale. New instruments are carefully checked over before they go out for sale. We do whatever work is necessary to ensure a high quality setup, to make them play easily and to give students the best opportunities to develop their playing.

We search for fine old German and French ‘trade violins’ from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We also carefully hand-pick new instruments from the Delille and Meteny workshops, as well as the better Jay Heide models, and instruments from the better Romanian makers.

  • French Violin

  • Caussin Violin

  • Meteny Violin, De La Dyle

  • Violin of the workshop of Chipot-Vuillaume

  • Violin symbol

    Pierre Marcel No. 4 Violin

  • Violin symbol

    Pierre Marcel No. 5 Violin

  • Nicholas Bertholini Violin

  • Violin Lowendahl (Berlin)

  • Andrea Verini Violin

  • Meteny Violin Guarneri model

  • Limited Edition Violin by Xue Ping Hu, Copy of Antonio Stradivari

  • Amadee Diudonnee Del Jesu

  • Meteny, De La Dyle Violin

  • Whyte Baroque Violin, 18th Century English

  • Blondelet Violin

  • Chipot Vuillaume

  • Violin labelled Heinz F. Krause of Mittenwald/Karwendel


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