Kathrin Repairs A Broken Violin

When one of our customers was on tour last year she fell through a faulty step on her way up to the stage.  Luckily she wasn’t hurt but unfortunately it was her violin that broke her fall.

Here is how Kathrin put this violin back together:




First step was to remove the front of the violin.







The piece that came off had a crack in itself, so the first task was to fix the crack by glueing and clamping.                                                                       






When you glue two pieces of wood together it is vital to clamp them for a precise fit. To achieve this, I glued two rows of little wooden towers along each edge of the break so that I could clamp each pair of towers together.







The next step was to add an oval sound-post patch to support the sound post which is wedged inside between the front and back of the violin. 

But first I made a plaster cast to support the instrument’s original shape and prevent any distortion of the arching.






Stud fitting to reinforce cracks – made out of spruce. The grain of the studs runs perpendicular to the grain of the violin in order to block it. Like permanent plasters holding the cracks together.







Now the studs are glued, the violin is ready to be closed back up.






Needless to say our customer was delighted with the end result.


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